Established for over 25 years, Marble Building Products continues to grow both in size and market share. Here is the story so far.

Our story began in 1989 in a small section of a farm building in the village of Huggate. 

From this building we completed contracts for the likes of McDonalds, Barclays and KFC.

All of the work was done by hand and the only equipment we had was a site saw, grinder and hand polishers.

We collected our materials and delivered the finished products in our blue pick-up. 

As the business grew so did the need for bigger premises. 

In 1990 we started building our new factory in the town of Malton.

The factory couldn't be built fast enough. 

We started installing and running new machinery before the roof was put on.

This is the first piece of machinery we bought, our Terzago saw.


It was state-of-the-art at the time but we had to load slabs onto it by hand.


This saw drastically increased the amount of granite worktops we could produce.

The business continued to grow and again we ran out of room in our factory.

We built an extension to house our first CNC machine.

It took us 10 years to completely run out of space at our Malton factory. 

In 2000 we moved to Full Sutton where we remain today.

We added our gantry system to speed up the production process.

The yellow gantry still stands and serves as a great way to find us!

With more space came more machinery and more people.

We invested in new saws and another CNC machine. 

Over the past 16 years we have expanded our Full Sutton facility to over four times the original size.


We now have one of the most modern production facilities in the world.


We also have over 30 vehicles serving the entire country.


We've come a long way from our shed and blue pick-up but we certainly aren't stopping here.


Our ethics have remained the same from day one - provide the best quality at all times.

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