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National Coverage

We offer our services nationwide which means we can carry out work anywhere in the UK. We have been the chosen contractors for developments in London to Edinburgh.  


We have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to working on a variety of developments. Whether its 800 plots which require worktops in a London high rise or small housing development in the countryside; we are the company to satisfy your needs. 

Project Management

The key to delivering a completed development on schedule, on budget and with minimal disruption is successful project management. We employ a dedicated projects manager to oversee all aspects of any development work we undertake. 

Site Experience

We employ a number of installation teams who have a comprehensive understanding of site work. Each team is fully qualified to work on construction sites and possess the necessary safety certifications.  


We offer different materials to suit every type of developments. If its high volume, cost-effectiveness you require, we have our range of budget materials ideally suited for this type of application. If its a super high-end development, we have a range of exclusive luxury stones. If the development is anywhere between, we also have plenty to offer. 


Our production facility is one of the most efficient in Europe. This enables us to manufacture and install high volumes of worktops to both short lead times and tight schedules. 

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